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The FA.R. FISH srl has been working for almost twenty years in the wholesale fish market of Turin in its operational headquarters in Corso Ferrara 46.commercializzando of origin frozen products mainly oceanic, belonging to the category of cephalopods (octopuses, cuttlefish, squid, etc.), The which they are also processed and sold defrosted and shellfish.

Focusing above all on the quality of products offered, the company today has achieved a decent market share, expanding the range of products also fresh fish so we can meet all richiesta.La twenty years of experience gained through years dedicated to the trade in fisheries products it is a guarantee of quality for each of the products distributed by the company. Quality, product traceability and specific processes mean that each of our customers buy from us more and fish products safe and guaranteed.

We believe that, as in any family, it is important to be sure to consume goods which we trust. For this reason we treat only absolutely reliable products, considering our customers part of our company.

The main corporate objective has always been the development of an efficient organization, dynamic and willing to mutual collaboration with suppliers and customers, in order to guarantee to end consumers high-quality fish products, as well as the "FA.R FISH srl "demands of its selected suppliers.

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